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Why us?

Reach new heights with our growth consulting services thanks to:

1. 20 year expertise of driving high performing business internationally 


2. Uptodate methodology based on principals of growth hacking

3. Individual approach to each client's needs 

Speak to us today to find bespoke growth solutions for your business

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The Founder

Hello! I am Yulia PLAKHOTNYUK

Possessing rich expertise in  strategic and operational marketing, omnichannel retail, international brand developement, team leadership, scaling up and business transformation I've been always passionate about seamless consumer experience, business effectiveness, sustainable growth and finding the best opportunities to drive business and team performance.


Have been working across 35 countries and have been living in 4 of them I have been observing and using the best practices. I have also realised  that every company is looking for growth, but has a different understending of it and using different tools. Therefore I have decided to create Grwoth Solutions Lab utilising as classical management and marketing methodologies as well as growth hacking tools enabling to approach each customer individually and find the best possible solution to accelerate your business growth. 


I believe that life is a journey and we need to be always open to learn and discover new things. In addition to extensive practical experience in established and emerging markets I hold MSc Internationaal Marketing  degree from the Starhclyde Business School (UK), MBA specialisé Digital Marketing & Business from EFAP (France). I am certified in Social Media by Digital Marketing Institute (Ireland) and in Growth Hacking by Growth Tribe (France). 

You are welcome to contact me and ask questions you have reagrding finding the growth opportunities for your business

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